🎥 TV Work – 2019

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”

– Chris Grosser

As today I’m sat in Heathrow on airport standby(Sitting around for a long time in my case today and actually very similar to tv work), I thought I’d blog about what else I had been up to in 2019. The introduction content of my blog includes ‘TV Work’(Supporting Artist) but I’ve not actually posted anything about it. The reason being is that at the time of working on them, they are obviously still in production.

Over the last few years I have worked on some fabulous British productions. My first ever job was working on The Five for Sky One which was written by the amazing author Harlan Coban. After this was Close to the Enemy(BBC 2) Paranoid(ITV, now on Netflix) Victoria(Series 1, ITV) Broken(BBC 1) and a Children’s comedy drama called The 4’O Clock Club which coincidentally, I played a fictional cabin crew member for ‘Alaska Airlines’. The first feature film I did was The Lime House Golem which went to cinema, then to Netflix and recently been shown on BBC2 over the Christmas period. Although it was meant to be set in the LimeHouse area of London in 1870, I actually filmed in Yorkshire and the set was fantastic and so authentic. From the streets including the real smells of potatoes being cooked and fish stalls to the theatre full of flamboyance. I love all the tv work but the period dramas are a particular favourite of mine as it is super fun being in costume & make up and being transformed into someone from a different era.

I had a couple years off from doing any of the SA work as my Health & Social Care commitments made it hard to fit any extra work in(no pun intended) but since flying, I have had time to do some and been lucky enough to get on some great dramas last year such as The Stranger which I was particularly excited about as it was again written by Harlan Coban(and the same production team as The Five), TinStar, Judge Rinder: Crime Stories and The Bay so lots to look forward to watching in 2020(and to look for myself is a perk obviously 😉)

The only thing with SA work is that you may only find out the day before that you are booked. For most of the jobs I’ve done in 2019, I have often been in a different country when I’ve been confirmed so it’s like Mission Impossible getting back to the UK then from Heathrow to Liverpool then to the location of the tv job the day after. Where there’s a will there is always a way though(and a 747/777) so always managed to make it on every set on time 😉

Due out in 2020

Tinstar( Sky Atlantic) The Stranger(Harlan Coban, Netflix) Judge Rinder(ITV), The Bay(ITV)

Previous TV Work

Above: Victoria(ITV), Close to the Enemy(BBC2) The 4’ 0 Clock Club(CBBC)
The Lime House Golem
From Tel Aviv straight to Morecambe, as you do