🇺🇸 Las Vegas -2019

‘Put on your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others’

So it’s now 2020 and a New Year 🥳. December was a busy month from Boston, to Buenos Aires, Standbys, Dublin, Beirut, Nairobi and Miami. At my peak of positivity, I thrive on being this busy but December is an emotional month as it’s my late best friends birthday so the grief appears again, missing my daughter & family at Christmas time etc. Being away from home, sat in different hotel rooms, in different time zones with no-one awake back in the UK to talk to, throws around all kinds of thoughts and emotions in your head which then eventually takes its toll on the body. I’ve always worked Christmas but it was my first Christmas as Cabin Crew and didn’t realise it was so different to just doing a shift then catching up with family at the end of the day. By the beginning of January, I just felt physically and emotionally exhausted.

My first flight of the year should have been last Saturday to Las Vegas. Normally I’d have been so excited to start the New Year in Vegas and be packing my sequins as soon as I seen a roster change but by this point, as my immune system was obviously low, I’d picked up a bug so had to cancel my duty.

I’ve done it in the past where I’ve worked myself to the point I am Ill, worried about letting people down so I carried on regardless. The safety instructions we hear on every flight is “Put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others” yet we don’t always do this in our everyday life. However, I’ve gradually learned my lesson so having a few days off has got me ready for the New Year now and back to thinking positively about how I’m actually really lucky to be in the position to be off to Vegas again next week and how even ‘Elf’ sometimes needs a few days break after flying around the world at Christmas.

Anyway, a few days off has given me chance to add my first trip to Vegas in 2019 and now I can’t wait to go back and planning a new outfit of course.