🇦🇷 Buenos Aires & La Boca

“Without the streets or dusks of Buenos Aires, a tango cannot be written.”

– Jorge Luis Borges

Recently I was back in Buenos Aires. I had been earlier in the year but this time it was a 6 day trip(includes travelling days) meaning once arriving on Sunday morning, we had almost 3 full days and 3 nights. The flight was around 13.5 hours so once we had arrived, I just slept until the evening and headed out at around 10pm for drinks.

A couple of us met with some of the crew from Air New Zealand who were such good fun and took us to a bar called the Floreria Atlantico in the Retiro neighbourhood. Once we arrived via taxi, i was a bit baffled as it actually just looked like a Florists, not just the name of the bar. Inside there was the scent of the fresh flowers and also a large selections of wine adorning one wall on a large floor to ceiling wine rack and it did look like just a quaint little shop. However, the flower and wine was just the facade and on entrance, you discover that behind a huge refrigerator door that swings open, what lies beneath is an underground speak-easy cocktail bar with DJ and also popular for its menu and food options. That night it was just cocktails for me and as they make their own gin, it was only courteous to sample some of that. Floreria Atlantico has such a great, cool vibe, and with its quirky and unique exterior, it is definitely worth a visit and we actually went back again for a second night.

Making new friends with the Air New Zealand Crew 🇳🇿

La Boca

On one of the free days, I got on one of the open air bus tour. It cost around 1800 pesos, which worked out at around £23 GBP. It was actually on 10/12/19 which was the day Alberto Fernández was sworn in to office as the new President of Argentina. I was advised due to the significance of the day, some trips were cancelled due to the city being extra busy with supporters and crowds lining the streets.

I did actually manage to get a bus tour but due to the heat at soaring temperatures and being sat on the bus for a great length time due to traffic around the city, La Boca was the place I’d really want to visit so once I got there, I just stayed there.

La Boca is a popular tourist attraction due to its brightly coloured houses, buildings and pedestrian streets where Tango Artists perform. The neighbourhood is also home to many Tango clubs and Italian taverns. Many of La Boca’s earliest settlers were from the Italian city of Genoa and still retains a strong Italian influence. Of course whilst I was there I had to get the obligatory Tango pose picture which cost around 300 pesos(£3.80 GBP).

La Boca is a fabulous place full of colour and with such a Latin vibe. Due to living in Spain from 2002-2007, I can speak conversational Spanish but obviously I haven’t had much need to speak it since returning to the UK so I do enjoy the Buenos Aires trips as it gives me a chance to practice my Spanish again when on the flight and once I am at the destination. I have discovered though that the Argentinian Spanish is different to the Spanish spoken in Spain so this is also something else for me to learn.

Out and About in Buenos Aires


On the trip to Buenos Aires, we had the honour of being flown by Captain Tim Davis for his final flights who after 43 years of service, was retiring once we arrived back into Heathrow. It was a pleasure to be on the trip with him, his lovely daughter and such a great crew and to get to see the Captain being greeted after his final flight and hearing some of the lovely stories from his long career.

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