🇬🇧River of Light Festival – Liverpool

The River of Light festival in Liverpool started last week on the 1st of Nov and was the beginning of a 9 day festival of Sound, Light and Art at Liverpool’s waterfront and around the city.

I was on standby last week, that meant I was staying in London before being called to go to Hyderabad in India, so unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the Titanium fireworks and missed some of the commissions.

However, tonight was the last night of the River of Light festival and I was back home in Liverpool before heading back to London in the morning so made sure I went with my daughter to see some of the festival before it ended. I do love going away but i also love coming home and Liverpool never disappoints with its events and attractions.


“Submergence is an immersive environment where virtual and physical worlds collide. Where play and contemplation meet”(www.visitliverpool.com)
‘Whole Hole, an artwork by Vendal & de Wolf’
‘Whole Hole, an artwork by Vendal & de Wolf’
Albert Dock