Fashion and Travel

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

– Coco Chanel

I have always loved fashion and Victoria Beckham is someone I admire a lot for her fashion, business mind and work ethic. I will always champion the underdog and that was her reputation in the Spice Girls until she proved with hard work what she is actually capable of. Unfortunately, we all know it’s not possible for the average person to have a wardrobe full of VBs range but a gal can dream.

At Victoria Beckham’s Store on Dover Street, London

Over the last few years I have done a few beauty pageants as an ‘older’ participant( a ‘MS not a Miss). Although it is something I can be proud of achieving and picked up a couple of awards along the way, it wasn’t really for me as I prefer to do TV extra work(Or as we are known SAs- Supporting Artists). It is the diversity of tv I enjoy and in particular, the period dramas as the costumes can be amazing and the hair and make up team can transform you into someone from an era of the past.

Just before I got the job last year with British Airways, I had a portfolio update as I wanted to move away from the ‘Pageant’ reputation and get back to a more edgy look as I like to have some character in my outfits.

After I had posted the pictures on Instagram, I was approached by Model Citizen Magazine to do a short interview to be featured online which I did, but as I’d just been made a conditional offer with British Airways, id forgot about it as everything for the next 6 months was about BA, passing the checks and training to secure the job. I have recently just discovered the article was ran and it was fulfilling to read the ‘Aspirations’ questions I had answered a year ago, I had now achieved and travelled a lot of the world as well

*Model Citizen Article and interview link below*

Shorts- Lavish Alice
Boo – I believe there is a fine line where Leopard Print is concerned but I think with black is the only way to wear it and it has got to be the correct fabric
Shorts and Blazer – Lavish Alice
‘Create your own Character’ shirt by Zara
I love this quirky shirt to relax at home in as it Symbolises what I believe in but the design of it looking like the front of the shirt at the back, really makes it stand out.

Now to the travel. As I am away a lot and I am particular about my clothes, it is a job in its own right planning my outfits. When I know what destination I am going to, I will start to look for something appropriate for that trip. For example, Las Vegas immediately screamed Sequins and glitz at me and I have even looked at a destination to plan my excursions and checked out the colours of an area (if I’m going to get a picture at some amazing site or building, obviously it needs to be colour co-ordinated). Some religious destinations you may need to be covered up so I do my research prior. Some of these outfits will be in future destination posts.

I’m a big fan of play suits and jumpsuits so I do have a collection of these and always on the look out for a new one. I find the play suits are great for warmer destinations and as they are shorts, I never have to worry if they are to short as they cover everything. These as well as jumpsuits can be easily folded for so great for space saving when packing.

In the past I’ve been known to spend a lot of money on a dresses and would only wear them once. One evening dress once cost me £400 and it was literally wore for one hour whilst on stage for Miss British Empire. Now I really look around for cheaper clothes as I am away a lot so need more as it’s always summer or winter somewhere. Lavish Alice is one of my favourite online clothing companies but I tend to order from that brand if I was to go for a night out as it is a bit more expensive but the quality is worth it. Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal are brands I use often. They do have good sales which is great for me as there could be a sale on due to end of summer season lines but I may be going to a hot destination in November so I often stock up on a few sale outfits for future trips. Primark is a good friend of mine and perfect for shorts, tops and swimwear for trips. Depending on the length of the trip and whether I am just taking a cabin bag, I may just take clothes items made of thin materials as I can fit more in but more outfits will be featured as I progress with my blog ☺️

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