“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.”

– Asian Proverb

April 2019 took me to Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand, known in Thai as ‘Krung Thep Maha Nakhon’. With a flight time of around 11 hrs 30 and time difference, I arrived in Bangkok before lunchtime leaving the rest of the day and a following day and night free. As it was a long flight, the remainder of the day was spent relaxing around the pool. It was a roof top pool so the views looking over Bangkok were amazing. The accommodation vibrant and modern and was in a prime location and was bustling in the evening time as well as the day.

I had never been to Thailand so on the free day, I went for a walk around the local area. I was amazed to see how much respect the Thai People had for their monarchy and pictures all around town to display their respect.

Amongst the stalls and items displayed outside shops, i don’t know if I’d taken a wrong turn but I was surprised to see sex toys were on view to purchase and services that were on offer advertised openly. I’d always known of the reputation some areas of Thailand had but it was something i hadn’t expected to see so publicly so was a bit of an eye opener and you learn something new everyday.

I found the roads a bit difficult to cross as it was so busy and the city was awash with Tuk Tuks(known in Thai as Samlor) as they are the popular choice of but I discovered the locals were really friendly.

The only problem I had on this trip was that I lost my bank card somewhere in the hotel so that did restrict me from doing some of the excursions I’d have liked to have gone on but I’m sure I’ll be back in Bangkok at some point to do them again.

What i did manage to do however was order and take some Bangkok Orchids back to the UK. There was the option of size and colours and for a box of the Orchards I think it cost around £8 which was a complete bargain and they did last for quite a while.

Roof top pool
Obligatory cocktail 🍹
Room with a Bangkok View
Vibrant and bustling nightlife
Street Food
Bangkok at Dusk
Orchids from Bangkok back in the UK
Tuk Tuk (Samlor)

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