🇸🇬Singapore Zoo

“An understanding of the natural world is a source of not only great curiosity, but great fulfilment.”

– David Attenborough

After Sydney, it was time to travel back to Singapore for another 2 nights. The flights and different time zones of the recent days were beginning to catch up so after a good sleep and relax, the following day we headed to Singapore Zoo.

A zoo wouldn’t normally be my first choice of a trip for entertainment but Singapore Zoo is set in a rainforest environment, homes around 2,800 animals from 300 Species of mammals, birds and reptiles who live across 69 acres of land. Some of these I learned are now classed as ‘Critical’ on the endangered list and it’s claimed approximately 16% are considered as a threatened species. It was interesting to be educated on different issues regarding the dangers and threats the animals face and what is done to protect them. The zoo is also home to the worlds first free-roaming Orangutang Habitat in a zoo. It wasn’t uncommon either to see some of their relatives roaming free throughout the zoo being cheeky monkeys.

Local Cheeky Monkey on the left 🙊

Asian Elephants

The five Asian Elephants in Singapore Zoo are all females who are on the endangered list. Their habitat is built on the Seletar Resevoir and you can watch them play although it is explained that the play is also part of a programme to help them develop and stimulate them with different techniques. The elephants also have a ‘beauty regime’ that is carried out by the zoo keepers as foot care is an essential part of their care.

It was also very interesting to learn more about the ‘Human/Elephant Conflict’ and some of the dangers these majestic creatures do face in the wild.

Elephant Response Units’

‘We provide key support for the mitigation of human-elephant conflicts
(HEC) in Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia. To mitigate HEC, Elephant Response Units (ERUs) of trained elephants and their mahouts form forest patrols, herding wild elephants away from farmland and back to the protected areas’


Of course one of the highlights for me was getting the chance to feed one of the elephants with a basket of fruit.

Rainforest Fights Back

The Rainforest Fights Back show in the zoo has some of the different species of animals and birds that are in danger in the rainforests. It is ended with the sounds echoing all around of what is happening in the rainforest with deforestation, the sounds of poachers, the screams of animals and it really hits home and I for one got really emotional listening to this but again, educates people about what is happening in the world and the seriousness of it.

Just a small selection of the animals

Mere Cat
Kangaroos in Australasia
Roti-Island Snake Neck Turtle is a critically endangered species from Roti-Island, Indonesia

There is just so much to say about Singapore Zoo I could go on for hours about the trip. As well as the fun factor of a day out, an important factor for me was being able to learn about the animals and how the endangered are protected and cared for. There is also a night safari so that is definitely something Id like to do if I return to Singapore in the future.

Cocktails after a busy day with the animals

Home time

After a dream come true week between Singapore and Sydney, the Singapore Sun was setting for the last time on this trip and time to go back to the other side of the world but definitely a week I’ll never forget, friends I made for life and my list of daily gratitudes just gets longer everyday