Going to Singapore was my biggest trip to date as it was the first leg of the journey to the other side of the world. I was super excited for this as it consisted of a two day layover in Singapore, over to Sydney for 24 hours then back over to Singapore for another two nights. This meant plenty of time to explore and discover some of Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

After a long flight of around 13 hours, we finally arrived in Changi Airport in Singapore. Once arriving at the hotel and going for food in the hotel, I made sure I had a good sleep so I’d be fresh and ready for a day of exploring. The following day, after breakfast, we decided to go on one of the open top buses to get around and see some of the sights. The first attraction we got off the bus at was Marina Bay Sands. This was a resort that consisted of three towers of 55 floors that was crowned by the Sands Sky Tower which boasts panoramic views. It was designed by the renowned architect Moshe Safdie and creates the illusion of a boat or even a surfboard.

Gardens by The Bay

We headed down to the Gardens By the Bay. This was really beautiful and had many attractions including the waterside and fountains, various gardens and Supertree Grove. The grove was the home of the Supertrees which could get to a height of 50 metres and featured lights and sound known as the Garden Rhapsody. They were connected by the OCBC Skyway which gave a spectacular ariel view of the gardens. It cost around $8 to go up on the Skyway and was definitely worth the money. Gardens by The Bay was a spectacular place to visit with still more attractions to explore and the next time I go to Singapore, I shall definitely be visiting again but will hopefully visit in the evening to experience it when it is lit up.


Chinatown was definitely a place I wanted to visit so we jumped off the open top bus. It was full of culture and you were surrounded by a rainbow of vibrant colours. It had everything from restaurants, souvenir shops, Buddhist, Chinese and Hindu Temples and museums.

We went into the Sri Mariamman Temple which is one of the most important places of worship for the Tamil Hindus in the country and also the oldest shrine in Singapore. It was erected to honour Mariamman, The Goddess of Protection and disease. As well as a place of worship, In more recent times, it has been known to be used as an asylum for the new immigrants of the South Indian Tamil Hindus.

Due to respecting their religious beliefs and culture, shoes must be removed and shoulders and knees covered but there are shawls and scarfs provided at the entrance in case you don’t have the correct attire.

Newton Food Court

The day was rounded up by a visit to the Newton Food Centre which is an open air food court and probably one of Singapore’s most popular. We went in the evening and it was bustling and vibrant with so many street food options and giving you the option to try Singaporean cuisine to Indian, Chinese and Malaysian. We just ordered a huge range to including various seafood options and meat dishes.