🇺🇸 Chicago

“Always a novelty, for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time”

Mark Twain – Life on the Mississippi, 1883

February 24th was just one of the best Sundays ever. From being called off Home Standby, within 3 hours I was being flown in Business Class to Chicago. The flight time was just under 9 hours and consisted of amazing food, champagne and watching the most recent films. I never in my wildest dreams(and I’ve got some imagination 😉) that I would ever be flying Business Class but there I was, 40,000 ft in the air drinking champagne.

BA Club World – Business Class

Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago

The hotel was just amazing classic Chicago Style, was just everything I imagined Chicago to be. It was just drenched in history and included a penthouse casino and speakeasythat was once run by the Capone Family. Later in the 1970s, it was owned by Hugh Hefner and was known as the Playboy Towers.

Being awake at 5am due to Jet Lag, I went outside for some air then decided to walk down to the pier as I could see the sun was about to rise. What I didn’t expect was to experience cold like I’d never felt before. The clothes I’d brought from the UK were suitable winter clothes for home but nothing prepared me for the -13 temperatures. By the time I’d got to the water, I actually couldn’t feel my legs they were so numb with the cold but it was beautiful seeing Chicago before it began waking up.

Chicago at Dawn

John Hancock Centre -360 Observation Deck

I went back to the hotel to warm up for a few hours then headed to the John Hancock Centre to the 360 Observation Deck. It cost around 25 dollars to go up but all I can say is it was the best decision I made. Due to only being in Chicago, it truly had breathtaking 360 degree scenery from the 94th floor and could see how frozen Lake Michigan was. There is also a thrill ride called TILT on deck which is an enclosed moving platform that tilts you out over Michigan Avenue. I wasn’t brave enough for that but I was just overwhelmed and happy with the views.

Frozen Lake Michigan

Cheesecake Factory

Being an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory, I had to go to the Cheesecake Factory. I’d never been to one before but I felt I knew of it well due to where the characters used to eat. It didn’t disappoint and I was just happy I could say I’d finally dined in one. That was all I had time for on this trip but Chicago is definitely one of my favourite places now and hopefully will go back soon……but with lots of warm clothes if it’s in the winter obviously 😎

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