A little bit about ‘Mich’

“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.”

-Rosalind Russell

After working in the Care industry for over 10 years and gaining a BA(hons) in Community and Social Care: Policy & Practice, literally working, studying, eating and sleeping revolved around care(which i still love to do). I had been a single parent to my beautiful daughter Jiordan(now 21) for over 10 years also throughout my work and study. Then on the 23-01-18, everything changed the day i arrived home from a short break in Barcelona and Leanne, my best friend for over 20 years died unexpectedly. From this moment and the next 7 months, nothing seemed to make sense anymore. From being quite a positive person with always a goal and some new project in the pipeline, whether it was studying, TV work, beauty pageants or training for a run, i just couldn’t focus or see anything ahead apart from grief.

With a lot of soul searching(and crying) things started to become a bit clearer and that this was possibly a sign that things were about to change. I’ve never really been a religious person but always interested in learning about other peoples religion. However, I always believed there was a higher plane(no pun intended) of existence out there and it was in the grieving process i began to study more about the Universe which was about to completely change how i lived and dealt with issues. So in August 2018, i decided to throw caution to the wind and applied for a job id always dreamt of as a child and applied to work for British Airways as cabin crew.

Now it is probably obvious what the outcome of the application was due to this blog but it was one of the best days of my life(if not the most surreal day) when i found out i was successful and to become Cabin Crew. Michelle, a 40 year old single mother was about to work for and see the world with one of the best and most famous airlines in the world.

Its probably not going to uncover any new great discoveries but more of a ’24 Hour Travel & Experiences’ journal as in my 9 months of flying as cabin crew, i have been to and seen places i only ever dreamt of so i thought it would be nice to blog my experiences. Not only of travel and amazing sights, but to show that there can always be a light even in the grief journey, that the pre-conceptions that being a single parent prevents you from chasing your dreams is a thing of the past and from this new way of life, how i will be able to share truly memorable experiences with my daughter Jiordan.

Me & my beautiful daughter Jiordan in Ibiza

9 thoughts on “A little bit about ‘Mich’

  1. So happy and proud of you sweetheart you have been threw so much and com so far I love see in your photos of the lovely places you’ve been visiting an look forward to seeing many many more love you always your old friend Anita xxxxxxxx PS watch the tuna buttys xxxxxxxxxxxx luv ya xxxxxxx

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  2. Just checked out your blog, so sorry to hear of your loss. I am pleased you are finding joy in life through travel and I will follow your journeys! Must be an amazing experience 🙂


    1. Thank you Sam 😊 Travel has definitely been the key for me on how to learn to live differently and focus on everything positive and yes I’ve had some amazing experiences so far. It’s crazy to think I’ve only been flying for just under a year. I’m so glad I started to blog though as it’s made me even more grateful to be able to reflect on the year and really take in where I have actually been 😃

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